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For those participating in CMS Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage, the UnitedHealthcare Care Bundles program offers value-based care bundles for cardiac, orthopedic and spinal providers, as well as comprehensive support for your team and patients.

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CMS Traditional Medicare

  • 11 Cardiac bundles

  • 5 Spinal bundles

  • 7 Orthopedic bundles

IP: Inpatient | OP: Outpatient

Cardiac Bundles

  • IP Acute Myocardial Infarction
  • IP Cardiac Arrhythmia
  • IP/OP Cardiac Defibrillator
  • IP Cardiac Valve
  • IP Congestive Heart Failure
  • IP Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
  • IP Pacemaker
  • IP/OP Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
  • IP Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement

Spinal Bundles

  • IP/OP Back & Neck (Except Spinal Fusion)
  • IP Cervical Spinal Fusion
  • IP Combined Anterior Posterior Spinal Fusion
  • IP Spinal Fusion (Non-Cervical)

Orthopedic Bundles

  • IP Double Joint Replacement – Lower Extremity
  • IP Fractures of the Femur and Hip or Pelvis
  • IP Hip & Femur Procedures (Except Major Joint)
  • IP Lower Extremity/Humerus Procedure (Except Hip, Foot, Femur)
  • IP/OP Major Joint Replacement – Lower Extremity
  • IP Major Joint Replacement – Upper Extremity

Medicare Advantage

  • 4 Cardiac bundles

  • 1 Spinal bundle

  • 5 Orthopedic bundles

IP: Inpatient | OP: Outpatient

Cardiac Bundles

  • IP Cardiac Valve
  • IP Coronary Bypass
  • IP/OP Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Spinal Bundle

  • IP Spinal Fusion (non-cervical)

Orthopedic Bundles

  • IP Hip (double) Joint Replacement
  • IP Knee (double) Joint Replacement
  • IP/OP Knee (single) Replacement
  • IP Hip (single) Replacement

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With a full range of services, we’ll assist your team in successfully implementing value-based care.

Care Management

Help patients receive the best care experience from pre-operative education through post-acute care.

  • Patient identification and risk stratification
  • Care plan creation and end-to-end management and tracking
  • Medication review
  • Premier post-acute network by market
  • Site of care optimization
  • Length of stay care management


Improve pre and post-operative interactions with your patients by connecting them with their care teams through an automated, personalized digital experience.

  • Patient mobile app
  • Provider web and mobile app
  • Patient and provider education
  • Secure messaging
  • Care plan design
  • Dashboard reports

Data and Analytics

Better understand your risk and see how the care bundles are performing through predictive analytics, clinical data and claims data.

  • Real-time clinical and claims based bundle analytics
  • Predictive modeling and selection bundles prior to program launch
  • Claims data intake, processing, analytics and distribution
  • Portal for provider partners
  • Financial reconciliation and provider performance

Financial Administration

Get support with financial performance reporting, risk delegation services and reconciliation services.

  • Comprehensive tracking and reporting of shared savings
  • Financial performance reporting
  • Provider funds distribution

Business Administration

Transition to value-based care seamlessly with our industry knowledge and data experts.

  • Bundled payment operations oversight
  • Development of strategic operating models
  • Performance improvement and strategy consulting with provider partners

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